Electric car: Europe is competitive

Electric car: Europe is competitive

Electric car: Europe is competitive. The mining industry is getting ready for the electric car

“We need huge investments, but it worries the trend of raw materials”. While the initiatives related to the Battery Alliance of Sefcovic (QE 15/10) are underway in Europe, the mining industry’s attention to the challenges – and the resources to be put in place – to guarantee a future supply of raw materials adapted to the ambitions of e-cars.

But why a giant like Vale did not start to invest heavily to increase extractions despite the similar shortage of product?

“We are still shocked by the price trend of the last two years,” explains Casbar, recalling the swoop that had led prices up to $ 8,000 / ton. If then the most common question when it comes to electric cars is “when?”, At the New York conference one of the hottest topics was also “where”.

“The situation is accelerating,” observes the number one of the consulting firm Dunker Automotive, Scott Ulnick, “but the obstacles and the opportunities are different, depending on the part of the world in which we find ourselves”. Curiously, the Old Continent is not so late, indeed.

Electric car: Europe is competitive

“Europe will see the cost of e-car break even much lower than the US, due to its higher fuel prices,” says S & P Global Platts managing director scenario planner Mark Schartz, estimating that by 2030 one car in two sold in the European West will be electric.

The leadership, the analyst concludes, will in any case be up to China, which “will be exporting battery-powered cars all over the world”.

Hot and Boom hybrid-electric cars + 33% in 2018


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