Save in the fall? You can thanks to some green advice

Autumn is almost upon us and with it the fresh and the rains enter the scene; people start to go back to the home environment and the places covered in general.
The consumption of energy returns to increase, how to do when you want to stay warm and with the lights on without giving up a minimum bill?

First we always pay attention to the time slots, the sun still gives us beautiful days and keep some open window continues to guarantee us a cool but not cold, especially if you have windows facing south.

In any energy contract there are time slots in which the cost of energy decreases or increases according to the statistics implemented in illo tempore by the service provider; it is better then to do the washing machine in the evening and avoid the full afternoon, but if you live in a condominium, the other condominiums could cause noisy nuisances in the night.
Eye to the electric water heater, great friend of the long hot baths that we sometimes enjoy after work, is one of the enemies par excellence of energy saving and a greenerlife .

If you think to get a new one take one suitable for your consumption, if you are alone or in a couple you will not need the Ferrari of the boilers, choose one suitable for you and your consumption of hot water, keeping your eyes open on the energy class of the appliance. You might consider taking two, one small for the kitchen and another for the bathroom, with two water heaters you would have the ability to split the use of water in the rooms of the house by increasing consumption control.
Do you already own one? Install a timer programmed in the time slot when you return home , the water will always be hot while you are there, it is a waste to do so while the house is empty.
Do you already follow a greener lifestyle of your neighbors but they consume less and come out more in the evening? Contact one of the Solution Energia consultants for offers on energy, electricity and gas. Together you will find a more convenient solution for you and the environment .

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