When lighting becomes hi tech


Does it make sense to talk about hi-tech referring to the lighting industry ? Today, yes. In fact, the lighting market has greatly evolved over the last few decades, developing from a mere daily necessity to an opportunity for experiments and technological solutions previously unimaginable.

A big contribution in this direction has given the advent of the LED light bulb , which has replaced the traditional incandescent lamp, creating new advantages and possibilities . The new LED lights not only ensure energy consumption much lower than traditional lamps, but also allow new combinations and lighting solutions completely new, that with traditional lights could never be obtained. In particular, the vast technological potential of LED lights can be widely exploited if it is combined with home automation or home automation systems, creating new scenarios in the management of the electrical and lighting systems.

Some examples of the winning combination of home automation and LED can be : the immediate shutdown of all the lights, the control of switching off the lights, the application of preset modes that define which lights turn on and with what intensity on the basis of the activity in progress ( a party with friends, watching a movie, etc.); moreover, the brightness sensors scattered around the house, the anti-black lamps that come on when the power is absent, the outdoor lamps managed by a control panel or by sensors of brightness and presence; a last example, the lamps with different color gradations depending on the preset, time, mood and so on.

The possibilities of LED are many: a technology that makes every space more comfortable … at low costs.