Also show your social face

New Delhi: Ahead of next year’s assembly elections in Telangana, part of the party’s southern expansion plan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised party cadres in the southern state to show their social face at the same time as their political face.

The Saffron Party is working hard to increase its presence in the southern states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The party is in power in Karnataka where assembly elections will be held in the first half of next year, while Telangana will go to the polls at the end of 2023.

Modi will be the face of the BJP’s campaign against Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao’s Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in Telangana. The prime minister has already spoken out against the dynasty’s policy in Telangana.

Earlier in a meeting of BJP leaders from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and senior state leaders, the Prime Minister, sources said, advised them on how to strengthen the BJP in Telangana, claiming that party growth is directly linked to their individual growth.

“Prime Minister Modi told the corporators that their performance will help them move up the ranks as the BJP does not follow dynasty politics. He added that the growth of the party is directly linked to the growth of the individual worker.

“He advised them to highlight the policies and programs of the Union government. He also pointed out that the performance of the corporators would help in the Assembly and general elections. They need to focus on ‘Mera Booth, Sabse Mazboot’,” a senior party official told IANS.

It is learned that during the meeting, Modi told the corporators that they should be the social face of the party.

“He (Modi) said that the corporators and others should not only be the political face of the party, but they should also become its social face. He explained that once people get to know you better, they will understand BJP better,” he said.

‘Seva’ (service) is also one of the ‘mantras’ the prime minister gave to party leaders at the meeting. A leader present at the meeting told IANS that service to people differentiates BJP leaders from leaders of other political parties.

“The prime minister said the spotlight is always on them as elected officials, and their work will help to further strengthen the party in the state,” he said.

At the meeting, the BJP sent a strong message that the Prime Minister is connected to the state and its people.

“The key message from the meeting was that Telangana is at the center of attention of the Prime Minister and his government. Another important takeaway from the meeting was that the Prime Minister is easily accessible compared to the KCR Chief Minister,” a party leader said.