Council advice for coping with the rising cost of living – Mansfield District Council

Mansfield District Council has made new advice available on its website for people struggling with the rising cost of living.

The cost of living pages are now available on the website (link opens in a new window).

People struggling with energy bills are advised to approach their supplier first. They may be entitled to an energy check if they are struggling to heat their home.

They may also be entitled to help with their council tax. A reduction of up to 90% could be available for those who are eligible or 100% for eligible retirees.

Council tenants struggling with bills can also make appointments with the authority’s financial inclusion officers for further support.

For people in debt, the cost of living pages contain links to various organizations that can offer advice and support.

Most of the help available is for people on low incomes, but there is also support for people who are not eligible for means-tested benefits.

The district, in conjunction with the charity Family Action, now has seven FOOD (Food on your Doorstep) clubs in the district to provide families with good quality food at a lower cost.
It costs just £1 a year for a family or household to join a club and members can then buy a weekly bag of food worth between £10 and £15 for just £3.50.

There are no financial criteria for membership. The only requirement is to live or work within 15 minutes of a club.

Currently they are based at Trowell Court Community Center in the Bellamy Road area, Crescent School in the Bull Farm area, Dallas Street Resource Center near Mansfield Station, Mansfield Woodhouse Children’s Center , Oak Tree Lane Surgery, Ravensdale Children’s Center and Clipstone Community. Center.

Executive Mayor Andy Abrahams said: “We know that more and more people are facing hardship due to the rising cost of living.

“As a caring authority, we want people to know that there is help and advice available. It can be confusing knowing where best to turn, which is why these pages on our website have been compiled as an easy-to-follow guide to where to find the kind of support our residents may need.

“I would strongly advise anyone worried about their finances to check out these pages before the bills and debts start piling up.”