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I suppose that since the end of the Civil War every black American has a strong opinion about what freedom looks like. I also suspect it involves some form of financial prosperity. In our summer adjustment to come together again, the new abnormal will surely create some interesting conversations where all disagreements will agree to follow the money.

While there’s probably no way to avoid beer-fueled arguments running from the NBA to the CDC, there are a few new contenders to dominate the talk at barbecues. This could be the first Independence Day where MMA is discussed more than boxing and air fryer enthusiasts competing with the grill masters for fairness of the plates.

Some time after the first round of sober life updates, during the waiting period before the main meal, one might find a diverse group of AF1s, Stan Smiths, and an assortment of J’s mixed in with sandals. leather-toed leather and a few designer flats with freshly polished nails; all gathered to discuss this “crypto thing”.

Experts on the march will end up exposing their limits of space by using too many Bitcoin examples and savvy investors will raise the exchange rate with comments worthy of CNBC (by the way, please acknowledge the cousin who was trying to explain space to everyone years ago and is annoyed by your newfound excitement).

In my lifetime, I have seen black people be late (and loud) about many business trends. I tend to walk past the gangsta gurus at IG LLC using outdated methods to flip homes 10 years too late. Snark aside, some of them are good and honestly most systems are not designed to keep us informed in a timely manner. I guess it’s similar to white people being late for our avant-garde parties, except we don’t financially benefit from co-opting our cultural innovation.

It’s important to point out the obvious factors behind our late engagement, but don’t apologize for any priority choices either. Generally speaking, we are working from deficits where many are still the first to obtain a university degree, not to mention their close relatives, doctors, lawyers and accountants. Institutionally, there are still too many “first” or “first since” positions to be filled in 2021. Although we still have a long way to go, there seems to be a more natural network of professionals within our teams. overlapping family circles – much not just dependent on traditional upbringing and corporate assimilation for upward mobility. This is a good thing.

After you get past a few self-centered Clubhouse moderators, you’ll find something of unique value in the crypto landscape. The decentralized market makes it something that governments cannot easily turn into pyramids of caste inequality. Blockchain technology provides transparency that does not give golf club members the power to manipulate handicaps we cannot see. This eliminates the benefit of knowing who is intercepting crop reports or other little-known terrestrial variables. Man and machine. There is no racial, religious, patriarchal or Masonic message about money. This fishbowl stash allows us to see currency DNA detached from colonial bloodshed – it’s difficult to “Columbus” something that comes in the form of an NFT.

The new frontier is digital; which means the newly mapped trails have fewer highway robbers (who are often cops) who can select victims based on their race. This is why sometimes our appearance of being “late” in business opportunities really stems from mistrust of those who are supposed to keep our money safe. Yes, we see this steel chest, but there is something about all these people with fancy costumes, titles and records that raise concerns, making us sleep better knowing that the money is in the mattress.

Investment banks lose power by taking advantage of the privileges of those they anointed. In this market, approved bankers are intermediaries who no longer serve a justifiable objective. That alone is a wrecking ball for their old ways of control. More importantly, now that we are building Black Wall Street 2.0, and our bootleg masses face the violent impulses of white rage, we can still hold onto our wealth because there is no brick and mortar to bombard. , burn or flood.

The disruption is an even turning point and the time has come.

This is why the voices of this growing crypt gang are so needed. Space attracts some annoying passionate personalities, so please start to develop high tolerance. We cannot afford to wait for America to do the right thing for us. Significant legislation seems to be happening with the frequency of Halley’s Comet, and then they will spend the same time slowly reversing the progress. Even John Lewis died seeing his life’s accomplishments for the franchise wiped out in one term.

It’s that bullshit… that’s why I have little faith in actualizing reparations and growing frustrations with the token bones that are thrown at us for appeasement. Listen, my feeling is not meant to downplay the progress made by those who paved the way for progress. However, those at the bargaining tables and award ceremonies should not reject other methods of implementing substantial change – faster.

I salute the life’s work of people like Ms. Opal Lee (known as “Juneteenth’s grandmother”) and the participants in her movement. Although I wonder how the Juneteenth should be observed, I fully understand the importance of it being recognized at the federal level. I understand that some want to start the tradition of unifying the two days of independence by celebrating from June 19e to July 4e – cool, maybe during this time (wait, let me do a quick compound calculation, 1865 minus 1776) there may be an opal piece giving an annual interest rate of 189%, just for the Black.


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