Energy offers: Here’s what’s going on in the pot

Want to know everything about energy offers in Italy and what’s cooking? You are probably interested in finding out how you can save money on your bills or simply understand the juiciest behind-the-scenes behind this market.

As you probably know if you follow this blog it is since 2007 that users can choose their electricity offers on the free market and even since 2003 for gas. The transition from monopoly to free market obviously had the aim of putting more companies in competition and being able to have more energy offers available at the same time to allow the final user to choose according to their own convenience.

The result?





As an investigation conducted by the magazine Altro Consumo (in the number 315 of June 2017) points out, over 33 million meters of electricity and gas meters have never passed to the free market. This is because since then it continues to coexist together with the “new” free market, even the “old” one defined as protected.

The reason for the coexistence of the two markets wanted to be a way to allow users to adapt to the news in a soft way. The problem is that the protected market had to be abolished for years even under the pressure of the European Union, which is why it is inflicting expensive fines every year on Italy. Now the date has slipped for the umpteenth time ahead, and will be extended to 2019.

And in which situation do you fall? Are you currently served by the free market or is yours one of those 33 million meters that are still in the old protected market?


The lack of adherence to the free market today is mainly due to the unfair and obscure commercial practices adopted by many free market suppliers, which later discouraged other users from making the switch. The difficulty of trusting the new brands that arose following liberalization also made the flow of supplier changes stagnating. Precisely as a consequence of the unfair commercial practices, several fines have been fixed to different suppliers, among which Iren, Estra and Enegan, sanctioned for a total amount of 1.6 million euros, while in 2015 it touched Green Network which appeared on the phone as Enel, Acea Energia or the Electricity Authority.

It should also be noted that many operators in the protected market have opened other companies in the free market. Thus, for example, the historic Enel is present today together with its sister Enel Energia, which however operates in the free market. The data that is recorded is that most of the steps from the market to the free market took place between the historic companies and those practically the same name created for the free market.

Will it be a case? Or maybe many users not knowing the difference between Enel and Enel Energia when they received the call from one of the many call centers have given their membership thinking however to talk with their old supplier?

In this situation, those who put us, besides the correct emerging suppliers, are you. Because you are rightly afraid to make a change by leaving the known for the unknown, but losing the opportunity to benefit from the savings you could have by trusting serious operators with more competitive rates.

In this way, unfortunately, continue to throw money every month from the window , in some cases even 20-25% of your total costs. And the blame lies in a market clouded by unscrupulous suppliers and incomprehensible offers, which make it difficult for the end user to trust.

We at Colosso Group, together with other serious professionals in this market, struggle every day to make it clearer and simpler. For us , freedom is a fundamental value on which we have based our work from the beginning, and so is the freedom to choose. Evidently, given the data available today, the free market has created only a semblance of freedom of choice, limited by the possibility of people to be able to fully understand, and without surprises, the details of this choice. Nobody wants to jump and jump into the darkness.

Take advantage of your freedom with us

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