Jeff Hardy Gets Advice From A Former WWE Superstar

Jeff Hardy has faced some very public personal struggles throughout his career. In a recent exclusive interview, Hardy’s childhood friend, Shannon Moore, shared her own experience with addiction and some life-changing advice for Jeff.

The AEW star is currently suspended without pay following his latest DUI arrest. AEW President Tony Khan said the suspension will be in place until Hardy undergoes treatment. Before the controversy, Jeff and his brother Matt were even supposed to be set for an AEW Tag Team Championship reign.

When appearing on Sportskeeda RAW Legion, Shannon Moore shared her own experience with addiction and what led her to change for the better.

“For me, it was the consequences. I was almost homeless, my addiction was more important than my finances. I had all of that in my life, but until I reached the point where it was all going to go away – including my life. I had no choice but to change for the better or end up dead or in prison for the rest of my life,” Moore explained. (from 3:45 p.m.).

Moore went on to share the tips he thinks will be most helpful for Jeff:

“Just listen. If I had to give Jeff one piece of advice it would be: you have to listen to the professionals, man. Go with what people have been through and overcome, you have to listen. I had to learn to just I know every times am I sick or with this addiction? My first thought is wrong. You’re not sane to make decisions,” the star said. (from 4:52 p.m.)

Check out the full interview below:

At the time of his addiction, Moore would eventually receive help from Road Dogg, who the star says saved his life. As the stars share a similar past, it’s certainly not too late for Jeff Hardy to change his circumstances and get the help he needs,

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Vince Russo thinks Jeff Hardy will only improve once no promotion signs him anymore

During the last edition of Sportskeeda Write with Russothe wrestling legend said he didn’t believe Jeff Hardy would change if he ran out of opportunities.

“Bro, I honestly believe the only thing that could possibly fix this guy’s life is when he can’t get a job wrestling anymore. Bro, maybe that’s the bottom line, but man, bro , the wrestling industry, you can’t keep activating him.” (from 7:18)

Watch the episode:

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Although Russo’s words are harsh, drug addiction has resulted in many tragic deaths in the wrestling industry. Jeff Hardy’s legacy as a performer is undisputed, we can only hope he can conquer his personal demons and perform at his best outside of the ring as well.

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