Bumrah, Pujara, Jadeja biggest flops in WTC final: Chopra | Photo credit: AP


  • ICC World Testing Championship final saw New Zealand inflict 8 wicket defeat on India
  • Cheteshwar Pujara, Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja were among the team’s worst performing players
  • Aakash Chopra rated the entire Indian squad based on their performance in the WTC final

The Indian cricket team missed another chance to get their hands on an ICC title as New Zealand beat them by 8 wickets in the ICC World Test Championship final in Southampton. While a number of Indian players failed to leave a good impression in the match, cricketer turned commentator Aakash Chopra took the time to assess each individual based on their performance.

The analysis and expert opinion on India’s show in the WTC Finals have kept fans and pundits busy since the match ended. While there were those who blamed skipper Virat Kohli’s captain behind the team’s disappointing spectacle, there are also those who singled out individuals.

In most of the analyzes, Cheteshwar Pujara, Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja were listed as the biggest disappointments. It was the same with Chopra too.

Rohit Sharma: “I’ll give Rohit 6/10. He started in both sets. I’ll say the glass is half full because Rohit saw the new ball in both sets, the hardest thing in SENA countries. was first opening in Test of Cricket in England, never underestimate what Rohit Sharma did, “Chopra said on her Youtube channel.

Shuban Gill: “Shubman Gill assisted Rohit Sharma in the first innings but came out early in the second. Just 4/10, I was thinking 3 or 3.5 but four because he took a good hold from Ross Taylor diving to his right. “

Cheteshwar Pujara: “Cheteshwar Pujara, he dropped a grip in the slides, not that it would have made a difference in the match. His stick in both innings, you would expect more points from Cheteshwar. In this match, I’m going 2 / 10. “

Virat Kohli: “Virat Kohli 5/10 for the simple reason that the first innings were good but more was expected of him in the second innings. You will compare Kohli to Kane, and Kane got the job done in both innings.”

Ajinkya Rahane: “Ajinkya Rahane scored 49 points in the first innings. He came out playing a bad shot. You could tell he was unhappy in the second innings but he never looked comfortable. I gave him away. 5/10. “

Rishabh pants: “Pant is also at 5/10. He scored 41 points in the 2nd inning but the most promising student is also going to be scolded. The way he got away, the carefree and carefree debate will always be there. J ‘expected more from Pant. “

Ravindra Jadeja: “Jadeja 3/10. You hit at No. 7. There was more expectation of your batter in both innings, more in the 2nd inning. You took a wicket during the bowling, there was more waiting for wickets also in the second round. “

Ravichandran Ashwin: Ravichandran Ashwin 6/10. He did well with the ball. He broke the opening partnership in the first innings, took two wickets in the second innings, the two wickets we had. He scored 21 points in the 1st innings but played a bad shot in the 2nd inning. “

Mohammed Shami: “Shami gets 7/10. Shami played well, he’s the one who brought you back in the game. He took four wickets and in a good way.”

Ishant Sharma: “Ishant Sharma gets 6/10. I expected more from him in the second heats, I thought he was phenomenal in the first heats. “

Jasprit Bumrah: “Bumrah is only 3/10. There was a catch in his bowling alley during the 2nd inning, but nothing like that happened in the first innings. Jasprit Bumrah went wicket-less in a test match. , that doesn’t happen very often but it did happen in this game. “

As the odds show, Bumrah, Jadeja and Pujara were listed as the biggest flops. While Bumrah didn’t pick a single wicket in the match, Jadeja failed in his role as a versatile bowling player. Pujara, on the other hand, was India’s most disappointing batsman, scoring 8 and 15 points over the two innings.

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