Do you miss the office? Not the TV show, but the place where you used to go to work and have casual conversations with your coworkers? Well, Slack aims to recreate the experience with a new “Huddles” audio platform and a few more features coming to the corporate chat app to help you relive the days of your in-person work from 9 to 9. 5 hours.

Slack Huddles is a premier audio way to start live conversations with your coworkers. Rather than joining meetings, this feature wants you to have a “light conversation” with your team.

“Previously, you might be able to drop by a coworker’s desk to discuss an idea, or catch up with a coworker in the hallway to debrief after a big meeting. These informal conversations, which aren’t cluttered with formalities or limited to 30-minute increments, not only build team camaraderie, but often evolve into an idea of ​​something bigger, ”Slack explains in an article by blog.

With just one click, a click can be launched in any channel or DM, including those you share with people outside your company. The app says, “Caucuses are especially useful when you want to discuss a complex topic on the fly without having to negotiate busy schedules and want to take a break from the camera. It is even possible to share your screen with this feature.

Slack also adds an alternative to an “endless flow of meetings:”

When large or dispersed teams need to schedule a meeting, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find a time that works for everyone. It would be much easier to share ideas asynchronously, at a time that works best for each person. That’s why we’re introducing a new way to easily create and share video, voice, and screen recordings in Slack.

Now, paid team members will be able to record videos, voices and screens so their coworkers can watch them when and in the way that suits them best. Slack says the caucuses and tapes were designed to be inclusive and will also offer live captioning.

Finally, Slack introduces Atlas, a new way to connect with colleagues and navigate your organization. It’s the easiest way for a new employee joining a large team to understand exactly who is doing what.

Slack Atlas enhances profiles with rich and dynamic information, including your company’s organizational structure, employee start dates, and custom fields. And it integrates seamlessly with popular solutions like Workday, which means profile data is automatically populated and always up to date.

This feature will be offered for certain Business + and Enterprise Grid plans. From now on, these three new features will be rolled out for Slack users. Recently, the app launched a new scheduled send feature, and here’s how it works.

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