Trans/non-binary comedian Mae Martin has the perfect advice for Bette Midler/Queerty


Queerty has almost completely confused trans civil rights with what might perhaps be called an extremist gender ideology. The two are not the same (no matter how much Twitter would like to insist otherwise).

Everyone here, every commentator, pretty much every liberal and, yes, Bette Midler, totally agrees with civil rights for trans people. But Queerty treats us all like we’re the worst, most reprehensible of villains. In doing so, Queerty engages in self-destructive behavior that threatens to backfire on trans people, gay rights, and perhaps our democracy itself. So, FFS, hang on!

Because the hard fact of the matter is that even though trans people, as I’ve already stated, already have overwhelming support for their civil rights, they’ll never have much support (let alone majority support) for an extremist gender ideology. Outside of Twitter and a few progressive rebukes, literally no one else will support dropping words like “women.” This is a hill on which the trans movement will senselessly, tragically and needlessly destroy itself; and it may very well lead homosexuals with it.

Stop! attacking your own allies because they don’t even know what you’re talking about when you insist on the latest wake-up call coined minutes ago on Twitter. Stop! making you look like worse extremists than anyone wearing a red MAGA hat. Stop! dividing the left at a time when it couldn’t be more important for us to unite in the face of a real (right-wing) threat to our democracy.

This madness really needs to stop, so for all of our sakes, please make the f*$k grow!